How to build a casual capsule wardrobe

Caitlin Taylor

Posted on June 03 2016

I think this is a question I get asked almost daily! How do I create smart/casual outfits that are stylish, wearable and comfortable!

Well, my loves, it's easier than you think! Remember this post on how to double your wardrobe with just 4 pieces? Well this post kinda just builds on that.

I want to show you how to build a basic capsule wardrobe for everyday, but also, just to give you some ideas on how you can mix and match different things for different occasions.

Remember, this is just a guide! You don't have to have every. single. piece the same as this capsule to get use from this post, it's just about kick-starting your imagination.

So here is what you need..... now you may notice a few pieces from the latest Chasing Cait Shop, and that is because I've stocked the shop with great finds I think will work really well in your everyday life, and here's how you can use them!

How to bulid a casual capsule wardrobe_chasingcait

Esprit Jeans $49.95 (AUD)
Betty Basic black drape pants from The Chasing Cait Shop $39
Ruby & Lilli tee from The Chasing Cait Shop $45
White leather tassel necklace from The Chasing Cait Shop $49
Just Jeans knit denim jacket $89.99
Decjuba leather jacket $449.95
Betty Basics navy & white stripe 3/4 tee from The Chasing Cait Shop $39
Max hammered satin shirt $99.99
Printed scarf from The Chasing Cait Shop $29
Bohemian Traders navy lace dress $160 
Converse trainers from The Iconic $100
Django & Juliette black boots from StyleTread $199.95 (AUD)

So we have a couple of pairs of pants, both of them are relaxed and comfy, but can be dressed up if need be.

Then we add 3 different tops - they will all match with both the pants again, depending on how dressy you want to be.

The jackets will add another layer of interest, as well as warmth. Use them in conjunction with the two pairs of shoes to make things feel more casual, or more dressy.

The accessories and the dress are the icing on the cake! The dress can be worn with either of the jackets, both the shoes and both accessories.

So let's look at a few outfit options.....

Casual Capsule Wardrobe_everyday casual

These are your outfits for everyday running around. Whether you're a stay at home mum, or just hanging out on the weekend, or working from home and need to be comfy, these are some of your go-to looks.

Funky smart casual wardrobe_chasingcait

These looks will take your style up a notch. You might have a client meeting, or an event that you want to go to and feel comfortable and stylish, but not over-dressed. The leather jacket can always be substituted for a blazer or other structured jacket of some kind too - you just want it to be a little dressier than a cardigan or denim jacket.

Dress it up casual capsule wardrobe_ChasingCait

So many people discount the dress as a good smart/casual piece, but the right dress can be so versatile! We've I've added tights to the equation with this dress for winter, but even without, there are so many options!

This is just the start too! There are so many different options you can create out of a few simple items, the trick is not being scared to mix and match different pieces together.

Do you like a capsule wardrobe idea? Or would you rather have a gazillion different choices to choose from? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to hear!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,


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