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Posted on November 16 2016

If I had a dollar for every client that said to me “I just want to be comfortable”, well, let’s just say my shoe-robe would be a LOT bigger….

I get it, we like to be comfortable. I mean who doesn’t want to feel comfy and relaxed in what they are wearing? I sure do! BUT I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is feeling like they have to choose between feeling comfortable (old, daggy trackies?) and being stylish (high heels and tight dresses?).

Well guess what? It’s all a bunch of bulls#*t! You can totally do both! I like to think that what I share with you guys on the blog, and especially over on social with my #everydaystyle posts, is living proof of that.

Just a few of my #everydaystyle outfits – actual outfits that I wear

The shoes you wear is a big part of being comfortable, but when also being fabulously stylish right? So when the family-owned and NZ-based company, Ziera asked me to try a new pair of shoes from their summer range, I jumped at the chance!

After looking through their latest range, I loved the look of these funky slides (the “Toni”) – especially now with a wee one, any shoe that I can pop on at a moment’s notice and run out the door in is going straight to the top of my shopping list!

SHOP THE SHOES: Ziera “Toni” slides in silver $199.95

I think they are such a great example of how you can get into one of summer’s hottest shoe trends, the slide (ditch the jandals!), PLUS wear shoes that are not only comfortable, but actually good for your feet!

I’ve styled them up in a couple of ways for everyday style and comfort!

The “Mum Uniform”

I hate to say it, but I’ve totally adopted the Mum Uniform: Draped pants and a tee (Who am I kidding, I wore this before I was a mum)! This family hit the road for a weekend away in Rotorua and I found this was the perfect outfit for exploring the town!

I love the Ziera Toni slides for slipping on and off in the car (I’m that person that sits with my knees folded up in the passenger seat), but they were also perfect for walking around the lake – seriously like walking on clouds.

And the pants? You KNOW I love a draped pant, but these are next level. So comfy, but I feel like they really match my style too, so I always FEEL awesome when I’m wearing them. Shop the look below….

SHOP THE LOOK: Betty Basics tee $32.90 | Elm “lobby” pants $89.95 | Ziera “Toni” sandals $199.95

Everyday Style

These two words pretty much sum up everything Chasing Cait is about. It’s really important for me that you, my readers, feel like you can have fun with style everyday, not just on those special occasions!

This look is something that you could wear in your everyday life – school pickup, movies with some girlfriends,  just hanging out with the family or playing tourist (like I am at the amazing Rotorua Government Gardens and Museum).

SHOP THE LOOK: Feather & Noise top $49 | Asos jeans $60 | Max sunnies (old) similar here $39.99 | Ziera “Toni” sandals $199.95

Going into summer, you can never have too many pairs of great sandals that go with almost anything, and the silver colour of these Ziera slides is the perfect complement to any summer look. PLUS all Ziera shoes are made with your comfort in mind, without compromising on style – sign me up for a shoe-robe full of that, right?

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