How to Create A Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe eBook



Sick of having a bunch of clothes, and still feel like you have nothing to wear?

Then this eBook is JUST what you need!


This eBook will give you the building blocks to create versatile and stylish spring AND summer wardrobes using some key pieces that you can mix and match for almost any occasion.

With just 17 key spring items of clothing, I've created over 50 looks that will take you from work, to play and everything in between.

Then with the addition of just 4 extra summer items, I've added another 27 looks, taking the total to over 80 different outfits for your Spring/Summer style!

As a personal stylist and style coach, one of the things I love the most, is showing you the versatility your clothes hold, most of the time without even knowing!

This book is designed to give you a framework for creating outfits that you feel amazing in, and you don’t have to spend hours thinking about.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars always updating your wardrobe, you just need to know how to make everything work together.


you get 1 pdf file.

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